Our choice of products and partners

We believe that the best product is an important component in the conception and the implementation of an innovative solution to make it technologically reliable and stable. Therefore, we dedicate a great amount of our time to the follow-up and the identification of new products. Our objective remains to always be able to propose you several solutions and to guarantee you with the best product at the best time and for the right configuration during the implementation of your projects.


Ruckus Wireless offers a wide range of Smart Wi-Fi products.

Fully-standard, Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products are developed using a patented Wi-Fi technology which improves coverage, reliability and wireless performances. Its critically acclaimed adaptive antenna arrays use state-of-the-art signal control techniques to automatically adapt to RF interference and enable real-time selection of the best signal path for each Wi-Fi transmission, thereby delivering the best connection possible.


Cyberoam offers complete and integrated solutions of information security, based on the user’s identity, ensuring optimal protection against both external and internal threats thanks to its functionalities of firewall, VPN, antivirus, antispam and anti-spyware software, IDP, content filtering, bandwidth & multiple links control as well as its detailed reporting according to the user’s profile.


IdeoConsult has the CCNSP, “Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional” security certification which guarantees its expertise in the installation, configuration and support of the Cyberoam products.


UCOPIA Communications offers security, mobility management and convergence solutions for voice, video and data applications on wired and wireless networks.

These solutions offer users to safely connect to the network and to use business applications, internet and telephony in a simple and safe way.


Juniper Networks is the industry leader in network innovation and the associated infrastructure. The company has developed the most groundbreaking innovations of the domain in all aspects of the network technology: silicon, software, systems, and architecture.

Juniper Networks develops reliable and secured networks ensuring end-to-end security in all environments, from the datacenter to the client’s environment, through the equipment itself.