All our expertise to provide you with optimized solutions

Network Consulting

We audit your core network and your network. We support you optimize your existing network by providing you the market technologies.

For any new project, we give you advice on architecture, security and deployment.

We also ensure the monitoring of your infrastructure and anticipate with you its evolutions.


We imagine, conceive and deploy for you, unique wireless solutions, sized for your company, your business challenges and your strategic stakes.

Of any complexity and any size, these solutions are based on the most reliable and efficient products of the market.

Please consult our “Products” page.

IP Telephony / VoIP

We support you in the connection of your analogic, digital and IP phones.

We conceive and install your IP telephony network and your IP voice services.

We have chosen for you solutions providing you with reduced telephony costs while benefitting from top-quality of service.


We provide you with a tailor-made website and/or e-mail hosting services.

In accordance to your needs, we can make you an offer for a dedicated or a shared server.

A step-by-step support following a tried-and-true methodology


We analyze the guidelines and the best practices to guarantee you the protection and the control of your information system.

IdeoConsult offers you audit services of all parts of your company IT system.


We evaluate the processes on which your systems and / or infrastructure are built  and we test them to ensure that the products reach the goals you have set for your company.

We periodically review your systems / infrastructure to guarantee they keep answering to your company goals and they benefit from efficient internal control.


We forecast the evolutions of your system and the expected profitability.

We examine the propositions of control mechanisms for your systems / infrastructure under specification, development / acquisition. We test them to guarantee they will comply with your company policies or other requirements.


We communicate about the new stakes, the potential risks and the audit results to your stakeholders.

We advise you on the risk management and the implementation of control practices within your company.